Rabu, Ogos 13, 2003

first of all...thanks to naem for making this possible!!! geez...blogspot is harder than diaryland but at least it's better in a sence...dia banyak perkara lagi. makasih lagi la naem...muah muahhh!!! kerana itu saya dedikasi kan lagu achik dan nana, Paling Comel yang masih kangen kan si karpet bulu jodgja baru uhuuuu....
2ndly, thanks to those yg setia dr diaryland dulu to come n read my thoughts n bullshits here pulak. Welcome dear! I have reasons to change my writing space nih.
1) kerana saya nak lupakan (cieee...) beberapa kisah2 lama dulu. this new diary represents ehemm...a new beginning.
2) sebab ada org gile kacau kat diaryland tuh
3) sbb blogspot nih cun lagi n ada ruang korg nak ngumpat2 he he...
so enjoy urself...
the spot might've changed but i'm pretty much the same old gal. muahhhhh muahhhh ppl!!!

I am a Taurus.
(Also known as "Bull")
My Horroscope starts like this:
" Petty, annoying and a whiny pain in the neck, a Taurus loves to brown-nose and is often a snitch to boot. In life and work, always blows with the wind, and runs to answer to his supperiors' smallest whim. " (Read more | Find yours)

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