Selasa, Ogos 26, 2003

Yeayyyyy!!! good news for myself and for whoever yang nak join aku tengok Gedebe. Ili told me that there will be another screening in Actors' Studio pulak. The bad news is, it will be a lil bit more expensive coz it's for charity. Hmm, but I really, really wanna go. Maybe if I don't go to see Gigi, I can go and see Gedebe plak. Oh f**k, aku nak tengok dua2 aaa!!! Gonna find ways to fork out money for entertainment purposes.
Good news number two, kelmarin Abah ketuk pintu bilik, bagi a few hundred and said, "Beli baju raya." Good thing is, the whole amount of money (don't ask me how much la, i'm not telling) is to buy baju jalan2, as in...bukan baju kurung or kebaya get the point. Best kan?!! Ha ha Elaun beli baju seh...semalam spend half a day with Faatin n her friend Ika in MidValley, baru abis hmm...lebih kurang 1/5 duit tuh! Ahhh...terasa cam orang yg ada 50000 and have to finish it in 1 day tuh. Even now I dont have that much pun I already don't know what to buy! Ishk.

note to self: Atuk n Wan's 50 years anniversary is coming up and you still havent got urself anything to wear. Pergi beli.
2nd note to self: Assignments to do (priority ikut number)
1) B-Comm=1st report submit tmrw. Call Akmal/Farah tonite.
2) Audit n Investigation=Summarize, 10 pages, 3rd Sept dateline.
3) Swimming=on Peralatan Sukan Renang, dateline 16th Sept.
4) B-Comm=final report n presentation, 17th Sept
5) Valuation of Firm= on star publication. go find the company's data. Dateline 23rd sept
6) E-commerce=axcess n ticketcharge, company data. Dateline end of Sept gak.
7) AMA= summarize journals, before final. Get the journals from calvin or anyone.
Arghhhhhhh!!!!! Gile banyak kerja!

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