Isnin, September 08, 2003

Arghh lama tak update!! I've got too many things to write, so i think, like ull dulu, i will end up not writing anything at all. Kerana blog ni aku anggap boleh mendisiplinkan diri sendiri, and also works as a reminder to myself to watch my mouth, and to do less talking, more thinking...ha ha because of all that, and the fact that naem sudah susah payah to do up this blog, I will, for always, be writing in this blog! *clap*clap*

So what happened in this previous week?
1. Atuk & Wan's 50th Anniversary on 6th September 2003. Quite big occasion, more than 200 ppl turned up at their place in Damansara. Congratulations to both my grandparents! Semoga kekal bahagia...until the end of time. Love you guys sooo much!
2. My friendster friend's almost reach 200...jia yo! jia yo! (to be exact, 5 more to go. actually i'm not so damn desperate to reach any numbers pun. I don't go adding any body just to reach that number, but I did add some really known ppl; artists, it's not like i don't know them right? I do know them, but they don't know me. Heck, but now they do!) So let's just hope my long-lost friends for skbd ke, ssp ke, uniten ke...kalau ada tadika lagi baik, jumpa nama aku dlm dunia frenster ni, and help me to capai that number, 200. Then...2000 lak k? Ha ha, as long as belum kena bayar la beb!
3. Made some new friends. Some REALLY cool friends! Jejak kasih juga dgn one of my seniors from school, Kak Izan. Turned out Kak izan was ikram's ex-gf, she was in uniten (seen her only once before here) and apa lagi ek? Tak kisah, pokoknya the world mmg la sgt kechik! Apapun I'm glad to meet her again, even in cyber space coz we hardly talk in ssp dulu. semalam we chatted like dah mmg kenal lama gile! Tapi why la kak izan still remember me as "farina, you yang dulu suka KRU kan?" Ahhh..zaman kanak2 tu. Skrg dah suke bykkkk dah! So next time, make it like this..."farina, yg kru suke tu?" *EHEM*
4. Right what else...think I manage to fail my AMA paper. Gile paper tu senang gile!! Now aku kena struggle like crazy for my finals. Can somebody please tell me what am I doing to myself? Who am I kidding? Who am I actually torturing? Duhhh...tak yah jawab, aku tau, aku tau.
5. Aku kena buat assignment on To What Extend UNITEN Students Are Affected by Akademi Fantasia? Seriously! Siap kena hantar full report in 3 weeks time. Ha ha canggih tak tajuk assg? People, I'm gonna need ur co-operation, kang kalo aku nak interbiu jangan lari k? Nanti aku ingat nak send la assg ni kat khai ke, adi ke...ha ha berangan sgt ke aku?
Hmm...tu je aku ingat buat masa ni. Aiie pun dah bertanya apsal tak update so here goes. To naem, ko balik kampung aku ke kat swak tu? Kem salam sedara mara aku, Bujang Senang k?

*currently bursting my eardrums by listening to RuffEdge & VE's Extreme Pleasure (with 5 bonus songs)*

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