Rabu, September 24, 2003

Kerana aku so in love with yusry solo effort, aku rasa aku should write my own review about it. jeng jeng jeng...

The first track 'Tertewas Lagi' is a mid-tempo song with nice message. Truth is this is my least favourite song in this album, it didn't really get me grooving to the beat, or learning the words. To me, the album start with the 2nd track, which is also the first single which I'm pretty sure many has heard, it is 'Dekat Padamu'. I remember when i first heard this sing I was like, this is Yusry??! Yusry?! Kidding me? But after a while I can't get this song out of my head. The moment I switch on my radio I will be like, plz plz era, plz play Dekat Padamu...plzzzz!!!
The next song, 'Jika Kau Tiada' is a duet by Yusry n Erra. Dun really care much about the intro, but it develops into a groovy up tempo tune that gets me moving while behind the wheels. Cool eh? Jika kau tiada also has a retro vibe in it. I imagine myself doing the 'cucuk langit' moves while afro hair and platform shoes...so, anyone game for it? ha ha


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