Rabu, Oktober 08, 2003

Anuar Zain was on Era today. Hu hu bangun2 tido je gave my phone a shot...damn damn!!! I got thru! Talked to him at first, though I know my sis was squirming to talk to him actually. She was on the phone from 11.15 trying to call Era, walaupun Abang Nuar (check out the nama manja seh) on air pukul 12. And aku, after 4-5 try (you know how hard it is to get thru) dapat la plak. Talk about jodoh man!!!
So selepas membuat pengakuan berani yang aku gilakan dia ( Anuar: Wahh...mari kita gile2 bersama2!) aku passed the phone to my sis. Chiehh...speechless. Hampeh.
But Abang Nuar was real nice, really sweet...mak aih, gelak dia infectious. Sape nak dgr sore dia, aku ada record on my phone. Gimme a call.
Abang Nuar, when will you make an honest woman out of me? muahahahahahaha... (Now I am speechless)

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