Rabu, Oktober 29, 2003

Cerita pasal kenakalan ku...Aiie, aku mana de nakal. Aku buat akaun dia dengan izin. Tho' dia tak tau aku letak that pic, of all the pics I have for him. That pic, I still carry around in my wallet for more than 2 years. *Pengakuan berani* Serious. Ha ha ha...what can I say, he's gorgeous, bebeh!
Note to self: Jangan buat pasal, dia kawan, kawan jek...ok?

Finally gave my phone number to a guy I have been chatting to for like a month. He was whining about me not wanting to give it. Told him I am a lesbian, then gave it anyway.
Early in the morning the called. Awal gilerr!!! 8.30 pagi...padahal we chatted till like 4.30. Tidur lepas Subuh (dia kata lah...) then pukul 8 dah terbangun...terus mandi. Dia kata tak boleh tido balik dah. *Apa jadah tido dalam sejam lebih je?* He was going out, nak pergi workshop coz ada prob dengan powerstereng dia.
Kenapa dia call? Well...these are the reasons he gave me:
1) Nak dengar my morning voice.
2) Takleh tidur balik coz he is missing me.
Oppss...I did it again. Did I? Or memang aku suke ke dia? Dunno. Dun even know him very well. I like his company, online. I enjoyed his messages on my phone today. Should I go on? Should I retreat? I dun wanna break anyone's heart, particularly mine.

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