Ahad, Oktober 05, 2003

Hari tuh chat with Azman Abu Hassan. Wahhh...seronok sungguh. Had a blast chatting with him and Min. Thank you Abg Man sbb rajin layan two giggly star-struck girls. *owhhh...Ako is hot, aint he, Min? Anuar Zain pun hottie gak. Cannot make up my mind. Owhhhh* Anyway, he offered to teach me all about sound designing if i am interested. The truth is, i am VERY interested but aku pikir pulak what my family would say. Abang Man kata it's okay that aku takde degree in sound designing or engineering or stuffs coz dia pun degree in management. As long as aku interested, tak mudah kecil hati and tak kisah work at odd hours. Oh btw sound designing is like buat the sound of a movie, all the dubbing and kesan2 bunyi whatsoever. menarik? oh well, aku rasa menarik la drpd kena mengadap jurnal or akaun2 but...tgk dulu, tgk dulu.
As for the requirements Abang Man mentioned, berminat...(well of course! Aku rasa kalau aku nak kena buat akaun pun aku akan usaha sedaya upaya make it in the entertainment industry. Dulu pernah berangan nak jadi sound engineer but, hell...aku tatau apa jadi to that cita2) Tak kisah work at odd hours (that's me, I am alive at odd hours. Tapi tu utk jangka masa terdekat, kalo dah kawen kang mana leh buat cam tu lagi. So how? Bak kata Dyla, if I wanna try for before aku beranak pinak apa salahnya...or, kawen dgn org same industry? Hmmm, *AKO*?) Tak mudah kecil hati...aku pun tatau la tahap kecil hati aku cemana. Tapi kalo aku dah betul2 nak buat menda tuh kena redha n tabah je lah.

Cakap pasal kecil hati...someone is kecik hati with me. Dia tak cakap, but i can tell. Someone actually reads this blog ey? Mama Mia...that's good. I have been wondering if he reads this. Someone tak cakap pun dia baca but since he's pissed off with me, then I supposed he does. Perhaps you just realize that I am made up flesh n blood n surprise, surprise...I have feelings too, bebeh.
Ok...let's put my feelings into perspective. This is my blog and I am entitled to write about MY feelings and i am entitled to be selfish. Only here. In my space. I am completely honored when u talk to me about her. Being the first one to know (if that's the truth la) and all...I haven't thanked you for that. But I am not all that proud when you compare me to her. All the stuffs u said about her not being the same like me, about time u realize that we are two different ppl and are not to be compared. She wouldn't like it, and neither would I. It irks me that u only see me in that way now (i dunno if u felt the same way before coz u never said it so i assumed its only now u realize me for what i am).
And my dear someone, when u decided to couple with her, you didn't ask my opinion so as to what extend u want to continue ur relationship, why do u need my opinion suddenly? Ask urself why.
Anyway, I come to realize that you'll only see me as perhaps, a friend, a good friend and nothing else. Keep it that way...I am moving on, life is doing just fine right now. Forgive me for hurting ur feelings if I did. It's for your own good. No change that, for our own good. Why is that so? Hmmm...hurmpphh...go figure. Some things are better left unspoken.

Ppl, just watched Glitter on HBO. Mariah sucks in acting. Anyhow, the ending...the BF died. Awek tu sedih coz belum sempat meluah rasa yg benerrr...so I'm telling you ppl how much I love you guys for being my friend and for reading this blog coz this is a great way to let things out of my chest! Luv y'all!!! Muahhh muahhh...
While I am at this...I also love Anuar Zain, Ako Mustapha, Zul Huzaimy Marzuki...bla, bla, bla......and the list goes on. What can I say...ha ha ha Yes, yes...love *you* too!!!

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