Rabu, Oktober 15, 2003

Semalam, lepas paper B.Comm yang freaking easy (damn, aku berlagak) but tak cukup masa nak buat...aku decided to go to mmu to release tension. Coz baru dapat tahu that FlopPoppy will also perform!!! Damn....that, I've got to see. Does not mean aku tak nak tgk the Tenggara Performance Club but diorg, I can see at any time at a better place and better surroundings...not too many people around. As for the contestants, yeah they were cool, I'm impressed. But well, tak tengok pun tak pe kot...muahahaha
Masa tengah walk to the MPH, saw Flop Poppy walking around. Masa tu, aku cool, cool... (walaupun dah sikit rasa nak terkam but...cool, cool). Kena beratur for like 15 to 20 minutes, then baru allowed to enter. Masa nak masuk...aku tertoleh ke kanan and...wait a sec, that is...that is...HUsseinnnn!!! Oshhh!!! Omigod, omigod!!! Aku ingat only VE, Ruffedge and Innuendo but...Husseinnnn??!! Owh, owhshh...cool, cool. Lepas tu dah masuk pun dok maintain cool although asyik tertoleh2 ke belakang to see hussein. Damn, dia dok depan Douge. Jeles.
Anyway...performance...talk about performances...they did a lil' tanchap there, sajak Cinta n Blues Kambing. Mueh mueh mueh... good one!
MMU students' show was good, with own songs n all, perghh...i know it took guts to stand there n sing. Bravo ppl!!!
Flop Poppy's performance...is a must see one!!! Dah la kitorg ni dok bersila2 depan stage dgn gumbiranya, depan sekali pulak tuh...and I am right in front of Wandy, the bassist. The VERY cute bassist. Very, very, very. Muahahaha (add dia dlm list jejaka pojaan). Aku dengar cerita that he's Siti Saerah's bf, siapa boleh confirm kan? Tapi tak kisah, kalaupun betul...setakat Siti Saerah? Hellehhh...
Anyway the pics I took there masih belum di developkan...later later I upload k?

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