Jumaat, November 07, 2003

Gwe obsessed. With him.

So here goes...Part 2 of Aku, Zul dan Pond's.

Right...mana aku stop...haa, aku sibuk dengan exams. Dah habis exams, dia pulak busy dengan shooting. So takdelah berjumpa till one day mak called me up and kasitau she has invi for opening n closing ceremony of Festival Filem Malaysia, but for 1 only. What the heck, it a chance of a lifetime I thought, so what if I have to go alone and act as if I belong there? No prob at all, I am after all, a better actress than some of those we are forced to watch on screen. *perasan*
Then one day aku teringat, kenapa tak tanya Zul? Perhaps he'll be there. Sent him a sms, he said he might go to the closing but not the opening. Sent another msg to Adlin (hero of Alang Rentak 1000) and he, on the other hand, will be going to the opening only. Ok cun. Walaupun aku harus bertukar2 pasangan...ha ha ha
The opening was ok. *yawn...*
The closing was also ok. *Double yawn...*

That's a different story altogether. Actually closing ceremony lagi hampeh, tempat tu kecik macam nak mati, suffocating everyone with the smell of all perfumes in this world put together...arghhh!! Just because nak buat in a high class place (Venue: Palace of The Golden Horses) doesn't mean you have to send everyone to their death chamber too. And the show sucks. However, it was made bearable by the one person beside me. And you know who. *wink, wink*
Aku tak harap langsung pun nak duduk dengan dia. Gave him a call the day before FFM, asked him whether he is going or not. Just hope I'll get to see him after the ceremony and give him the pics of him yang ada pada aku (yeah, taktik je sebetulnya tapi aku nak jumpa dia laa...) He said most probably he'll be there. Cun.
On that day itself, masa aku tengah siap2, mekap2 and all...aku tertinggal pulak hp aku dalam kereta. Time nak gerak je to Palace, tengok ada 3 misscalls from him. Adehh...is he gonna tell me dia tak jadi pergi? Alahaii...tsk tsk... Then he called again.
Zul: Haii...kenapa lah tak angkat phone tadi?
Aku: Sorry, tertinggal dalam kereta. Awak tak jadi pergi ke?
Zul: Ehh...jadi. Saya lambat sikit ni. Awak masuk dulu, nanti saya jumpa awak kat dalam. Saya still kat Puchong, nak balik rumah mandi2 jap
Aku: Owh..ok *jumpa kat dalam?* Kejap...awak nak jumpa saya kat dalam? Awak nak saya book kan tempat utk awak ke apa ni?
Zul: Laaa...ye lah! Abis tuh takkan awak nak biarkan saya duduk sorang2? Kejam nye awak...
Aku: Ehh..mana ada. Blur jap...he he he (by this time aku dah tak mampu berkata-kata dgn bijaksana)
So aku pun pergi, got a place for me and him (and him, and him...haiiii) tapi since aku bukan artis, my seat is like wayyyyy at the back. All the artists and crew2 filem duduk depan. Does he really want to sit at the back nih? Called him again, told him about the seat and all. He's positive, nak duduk situ gak. Lantak la botak. Aku lagi suka. He he he His 'lambat sikit' is actually lambat sejam. Hardly lambat sikit but not his fault. His friend told him Palace is in Sunway. Drove all the way there already, dah park dan keluar dengan bergaya nya pun. Tanya orang2 kat situ mana Palace of the Golden Horses and the answer he got from a Chinese guy yang lebih blur dengan soalan Zul tu dari diri Zul sendiri is "Sungai Besi." Malunya beb! Kalau aku, dah lama dah that friend is strangled to death. Sabar je lah! Zul pulak dunno how to get to Sungai Besi from Sunway maka berpusing2 lah dia mencari arah hala tujuan...mujur sampai kalau tidak gigit jari lah aku!
Then there he was, entering the hall wearing...leather jacket, white shirt and blue jeans! Entirely different from the crowd but, you all gonna have to take my words that he looked dashing coz I have no pics as proof. Kenala bawak beg kecik yg muat purse, lipstick, compact n handphone je la, mana muat camera. Control cun beb aku disitu! ha ha
So all in all, despite the horrible event and suffocating room, that was one night to remember *angau*

Just 2 days later, Zul smsed me asking me to come and see him on Saturday at KLCC. Jantung saya, dup dap dup dap!! dunno why nak jumpa lagi but buat apa aku nak kecoh2, dia nak jumpa kan? Takkan la nak tolak...buduh la aku.
Saturday came, met him at Gloria Jeans Cafe, he bought me coffee and we talked. Nope, not only two of us so it wasn't a date...there was 3 other, his friends, 2 guy and a gal (and a pizza place ;p) Then about 2 hours later his sister joined us with his very cute nephew! Awwhhh....comel comel comel, i like very much! So very cuddly and intelligent boy...Adam. Awww... (sekali lagi aku merasakan, aku nak baby. ha ha tapi aku tak nak bf lagi, one night stand ke? muahaha)
Zul nak jumpa aku coz he wants me to be a writer. Yup, writer...along with him, writing for a magazine which was SUPPOSED to be in the market already by now. I was SUPPOSED to write about students' life in that Ujang/APO? wannabe mag. Why, why me? Kata Zul, menulis itu senang je and dia percaya aku boleh buat. On top of that, he also said, "Tulis tentang students, student U...so student U yang paling rapat dgn saya sekarang...awaklah". And how am I supposed to say no to that?

Lepas tu...ha ha tunggu part 3!!

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