Rabu, November 19, 2003

Suddenly last night I felt like calling Dol. Well, not exactly malam, 4 pagi dah. Tengah nonton Cinta 3 Musim (Musim Ke-3, 3rd time. What can I say, I'm a sucker for Ako Mustapha!!) Saje miskol2 dia suddenly dia msg. Woh, idop lagi mamat ni. Called him, and found out yang that idiot is in kl. sri kembangan, brother's place. hurmmpphh...dunno if I'll get to meet him, he'll get some bashing for sure. Missed hanging out with him tho'...bangang la kau ni Dol!!! Turun KL bukan nak cakap aku! @#$#@%^!*&^*!!!!!

Someone is being a stranger. I felt as if I dunno him anymore. But then again, maybe someone has always been that way but being me, I am blinded to his faults by what I used to feel for him. Then, it's good now I feel distant to him, meaning I dun like him that way anymore? Is it good, or not? Whatever. Don't wanna go over analyze. For whatever happened, happened and can't be undone. But the problem is, I don't only feel distant, but I can sense some hatred in me. That cannot be good for sure. I hate that he makes me hate him when I don't want to hate him. I just wan't to be able to remain civil and be that good friend he wants me to be. Question is, will he ever be one too? Never to me I guess

To someone, I feel like telling you to f**k off. But I won't.

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