Jumaat, November 14, 2003

Woahh...what's deal with famous people and multiple friendster account. First Aqasha, now...Zain. Yeah, ada Zain 2. So if anyone yang belum add dia, go look him up. *psstt...the pics in Zain 2 lagi cute! But there's also pic of Ervinna. sigh...* Ili, how come aku tengok Zain ni rasa he looks a bit like our Mr. Ikram?

Gwe habis nonton Korean series "I'm still loving you" starring Chae Rim, heroin "All About Eve". Bought the cd set for rm22, second hand of course. Bulih tahan la, the price quoted on the cover is rm59.90. Ceritanya about Xian Hua (Chae Rim) who likes her teacher, Hian Jun. School's over, she doesn't wanna go to college, persuaded the teacher to marry her because of love, and he did. Everything actually goes fine in their life, no typical malay gaduh laki bini, but the conflicts in their marriage was mostly sebab adat n budaya kekeluargaan masyarakat Korea yang kadangkala aku rasa absurd. But then again, who am I to criticize budaya orang. Anyway, it would be nice kalau laki aku macam the hero tuh...ehehe kalau, aku bilang kalau.
The story actually reminded me of a friend. Bezanya, dia in love with a lecturer...well, ex-lecturer now. Tapi kawan aku ni lelaki, and itu yang membuatkan the whole situation jadi mcm drama Spectra. The lecturer is older than him by like, 4 years. He's my age. Bila aku tengok cerita tu and realized that banyak masalah yang mereka ni mungkin hadapi, terutama dari segi pandangan orang sekeliling, penerimaan keluarga...and aku tau, all they need now is support so that's what I am going to give.
Nak bagi dia pinjam CD tu lah...asyik tengok wrestling je, tak baik untuk otak.

Raudha...thanks for calling! Sorry la, battery kong but we shall continue our chat ya? Next time, lagi hangat punye topik...on?

Got an SMS today. Kikin said the anak ular told her radhi&ezad&wptank kantoi while smoking ice (is smoking the right word for this? dunno how ppl consume ice anyway) after HMI the other day. Humrp, all i know is that they left separately, radhi n ezad. Cinot n Ash bulih jadi saksi. Anak ular also said some things yang aku rasa macam bullshit. Tapi aku pun tak tau...kena tanya anak ular ke? Dun want too...
Let's just kill the bitch and be gone with it. Shall we?

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