Isnin, Disember 15, 2003

Back from Bali. Miss Malaysia like hell, didn't thought I would! Guess I am Malaysian thru and thru...ha ha
As much as the people at the Bali hotel was impressed with my Indon slang (all I said was "WC nya di mana ya?" and they gawk! Guess WC is all it takes to make me Indonesian. Terus gw di tanya, "Emangnya orang Indonesia?", but who day...
Indonesia felt like home. Which is not exactly what I look for in a holiday spot. If I go for a holiday, I want to feel like I am away. Like I am breaking free, like I am in a dream, in a fantasy land or something close to that. Mind you, I did say for a holiday, if I want to go anywhere for shopping that's a totally different thing. Totally. And Bali is one of those places made for shopping. Not only shop till you drop, but tengok the kedai2 yang ada pun dah nak drop because so muak to tengok banyaknya barang2 and murah tak ingat2 la!
But if anything's cheap, cannot beat price of MG1 set, going for Rp 6800 only (about RM3.30) and no kidding! Nak menangis aku tengok price dia! The whole set, ok! Arghh...gile gile...
And to actually see Cinta 3 Musim on the racks, although I read about this somewhere, courtesy of Naem, it came as quite a shock. Dunno why. Should be nice to see Malaysian faces on the racks rather than just Siti Nurhaliza. Should be. But I was just, shocked. Ha ha...stupid me.

The true shock came when I saw 3 topless chicks goes shopping. Gile! Aku budget kat beach takpelah...I was scanning the beach for some topless ones...but no, they don't go topless on the beach. Itu kan sudah biasa. No, they shop in a shopping complex being topless! Bayangkan la shopping complex yang sederhana besar...some chicks buying sandals n cds walking around half naked. Damn, tak sempat keluarkan kamera to share the view with y'all. Terpana gitu!

Spent more than Rp500,000 untuk kaset dan CDs jek. This is the list:
1. OST 30 Hari Mencari Cinta
2. OST Eiffel I'm In Love
3. Taman Langit-Peter Pan
4. Metamorphosis-ADA Band (best best)
5. The Best Of ADA Band
6. Segitiga-Cokelat
7. Pop OK-Project Pop
8 & 9. Set Padi 1st and 2nd album

1. Salam Kedelapan-GIGI
2. Buka Hati-Eric
3. Bajakan-SLANK (dapat free pic gitar lagi in this kaset)
4. Sebuah Harapan-TERE
5. In Collaboration With...-Iwan Fals
6. Sepanjang Musim-JIKUSTIK
7. Senyuman-TITI DJ
8. Marcell-Marcell
9. Kuta Rock City-Superman is Dead

1. Bawang Merah Bawang Putih
2. Jelangkung
3. Tusuk Jelangkung
4. Biola Tak Berdawai

Will be writing more. To Akak Im, so car problemo, tak dapek menjengahkan diri ke open house mu. Kapan2 kita ngobrol bareng Lin, Ull dan semua yang mau ikut ya? Oi korang, starbucks!!

Shamam, kapan konser raya nya? Gw nggak sabar neh...ha ha

And another thing, sape going to Juara Lagu kang? Jom la sesape yg tak gi Indon...jom jom ha ha Tak bermakna satu majlis anugerah itu tanpa kita. :p

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