Selasa, Disember 23, 2003

Just got back from Strategic Management class. Damn capek! But it was interesting. Strategic Management is what I wanna pursue later in my career, I think. Can make a lot of money, you know! Even lecturer aku cakap, he as a consultant, make about RM40k for one itsy bitsy mission or vision statement he sold. Menarik.

But today he said about vision...dia gi bagi contoh on wanting to be a millionaire. Oit someone, kau kan nak jadi jutawan by age 30? Dia cakap, 30 is lambat. Why not make it 25? Senang siot dia cakap. Aku pun teruja nak jadi jutawan gak aa. All you need is a good and clear vison and a good mission statement. Manage your life and money strategically!! I think I am a strategic planner but not a strategic manager...yet!! I shall be a Millionaire by age 22! maybe there's a single, available millionaire out there looking for a wife?

Aku suke that class coz it does not feel like a class. Macam kursus motivasi or some sort of consultation session for employees. Except when he starts giving assignments. Time tu aku sedar...ahh, this is a class after all. Have to learn to like that class anyway. Good thing the lecturer's good looking. Old, no...ancient in fact...(he must be around 50 dowh) but good looking nevertheless.

I have...finally...concluded my journey in Middle Earth. The journey, the fellowship, has come to an end. If Tolkien is still alive, he would have been proud. The movies lived up to the books, and that's not an easy thing to do! Bravo Peter Jackson and the casts, the created history.

Sape belum tengok lagi Lord of the Rings aku tau someone belum..muahaha Rugi le beb. Tahun depan open house Raya aku ingat nak buat marathon extended version Lord of The Rings la. Siap food, tak yah beli pop corn. Tak yah bawak sweater Kenapakah panggung wayang sangat ultra sejuk wei?! Amacam, setuju? Siapa setuju angkat tangan!

Hari tuh aku nak create list lelaki, eligible and bukan artis kan? Here goes...
1. Legolas
2. Eomer (ensem, ensem sangat!)
3.Pippin (comel, comel sangat!)
4. Merry
5. Frodo

Faramir macam dengan Eowyn je kan? Since Akak Im amik Faramir, aku amik Eomer la. Legolas kekasih dulu kini selamanya. Once and for all I would like to say, dia bukan gay. Bukan, bukan.

Well, I never said the list has to be realistic, right? :p

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