Jumaat, Januari 02, 2004

1. name : Farina binti Mohamed Jamal
2. single or taken : Single, available and Really sexy (S.A.R.S)
3. sex : Female
4. birthday :12th May 1982
5. sign : Taurus
6. siblings : 6, one older brother, 2 younger bros and 2 younger sis.
7. eye colour : dark brown
8. hair colour : used to be black

do u have any bf/gf : dah single tu, takde la kan
do u have crush : honestly...I do

Fashion | stuff
where is ur favorite place to shop? : anywhere
tattoos or piercings? : piercings on my ears.

do u do drugs? : No, unless you talk about medicines. Or Coca-cola...Pepsi...
what shampoo do u use? : Redken So Long
what are u most scared of? : Allah
who is the last person that called you? : Chimpeng.

color : Blue, Black, Red, Purple
food : Mom's cooking and my own nasi goreng.
boys name : Daniel
girls names : Farah
subjects in school : Biology. Seriously!
animals : Cats
sports : football. 22 sweaty, hot guys chasing over one ball. Where's theirs? ha ha
drink : Starbucks' Caramel Rhumba Frappe. *nyum, nyum*

you wish you could live somewhere else: sometimes. but home is where the heart is. right now, my heart is here.
you think about suicide : no way!
you believe in online dating : it could happen
others find you attractive : yehey...why not? ha ha *perasan*
you want more piercings : Yes.
you drink : No
you do drugs : No
you smoke : No
you like cleaning : Cleaning my clothes? Cleaning my room? Sometimes I do. Tapi lepas kemas bilik ke apa sure demam or tak larat bangun for 2 days, the habuk will make my resdung worst. So I'd rather leave that to my maid.
you like roller coasters : Yes

Have you..
ever cried over a girl? : Yes. Ha ha don't think too much. I am not a lesbian.
ever cried over a boy? : Yes
ever lied to someone? : Hell yes
ever been arrested? : by teachers? Not that I remember. or by prefects? That, of course, Yes. by police...thank God, No.

of times i have been in love : not sure. 2 at the most
of times i have had my heart broken : several times.
of hearts i have broken : I don't know.
of girls i have kissed : Cium pipi ke? *muah muah*
of boys i have kissed : 0. and that's still a number.
of girls i've slept with : A lot
of boys i've slept with : 5. my brothers.
of drugs taken illegaly : 0
of people i consider my enemies : 2. Lord Saruman and Lord Sauron.
if times my name has appeared in the newspaper: 2

Do you think you are..
pretty : in a way, yes. too bad if you don't see that. ha ha
funny : i can crack some jokes, yeah
hot : ha ha ha ha hot stuff?
friendly : I am
ugly : no.
loveable : Owh yes. Need a dose of TLC (that's Tender, Loving, Care) once in a while too.
caring : Yes
sweet : ha ha ha...yes
dorky : Wayyy far from that.
geeky : No.

one of the most 'perasan' questionaire I've done. Geli lak

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