Jumaat, Januari 02, 2004

Another article to share. Aku ambil kat my friendster's bulletin, courtesy of Mr. Amir Karim:

When It's Love For You?

The "In Love" Stage

You think obsessively about the other person all
the time. You think they're the most wonderful
person you've ever met, you wonder what they see
in you, and worry about losing them.

The Beginnings Of True Love

You think about having kids together, or being
Mom to his kids or Dad to her kids. You think
about growing old together. You tell everyone you
know how wonderful he or she is. If he or she is
happy, you're happy, and you fret if he or she is
not. You're best friends.

When It's Love For The Other Person

They give you lots of attention and lots of time,
including Saturday nights and holidays. Anyone
who's not available those times is highly
suspect. Either they're already in a committed
relationship and just playing around on the side,
or they have others who are their "A" choice
dates, and you're on the "B" list.

They call when they say they're going to call.
They show up when they say they will. He or she
is there for you.

If It's A Man

A man who's serious about you will want to make
plans way into the future and see you on a
regular basis. He'll want to see you on weekends,
Saturday nights and holidays.

He will also spend money on you. If he's not well
off, he may not spend a lot, but he'll do it with
joy, and you'll feel a sense of generosity from
him. If he never gives you any gifts, or always
wants you to pay your own way, you can assume he
hasn't learned to share or just doesn't want to
share with you.

If It's A Woman

A woman who's serious will want to see you on a
regular basis. She'll be available on weekends,
Saturday nights and holidays.

She will cook for you (or try -- give her credit
for trying), dress up for you, and also spend
money on you. If she always wants you to pay for
everything and she never offers to pay or to at
least reciprocate in some way, by cooking dinner
or buying tickets, or doing something for you,
you can assume she hasn't learned to share or
just doesn't want to share with you.

The above answers to "How Do You Know When It's
Love?" are, in truth, only indications.

Comment by yours truly:
If these indications are anywhere near the truth, then it indicates that I have been in love before. Might still be in love, too. What'll I do about it? Nothing, I think. Ar least for now, I see there's nothing I can do about it.

Now, let's see rakan2 kita yang tengah syok di Indon tu will bring Ariel back for me. ha ha...

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