Sabtu, Januari 10, 2004

Dear kawan,

I sort of miss you. We went wayyyyy back, been thru a've been listening to all my boy probs as well as i listen to your love probs. Simbiosis...maybe. In a way, you've put up with me as I have put up with you, it's not easy la weh!!Have always know one day it'll end, you'll find yourself a good girl, or I'll find myself a guy worth keeping, and we would drifted my mom used to say, there's no such thing about a platonic relationship between a guy and a girl lasting forever. It's all or nothing at all. Guess it's nothing for us then.

Still...I am at lost.

Wish you well with her. See if we can hang out sometime...for good old time's sake. Maybe I should get you to change my tyres again. What say you?
Yeah I know...I can keep on dreaming. ha ha

Take care.

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