Isnin, Januari 05, 2004

Got my new specks already. ha it! love it!!

But I think it'll mess with my mascara kalau aku pakai mekap. Almost flatten out my lashes. ha ha dah cinta pandang pertama lak dgn speck nih, and it didn't burn my pocket too. Beli je terus. Abah bayar, of course. Why else would I tukar specks in only 6 months, aku rasa. So how? Takpe...these days got smudged proof mascara kan. ha ha...takde lah masalah besar.

Welcome back wahai kanak2 ribena! Ada bawak pacar extra untuk aku? Muaahahaa... kalau takde extra, I'll shares yours. Aci tak? sunglasses. To buy or not to buy. Maybe not. Try to raise enough funds to get the LOTR ost. Carik sugar daddy ke? Oh hell, that sugar sweet guy in US should be enough. ha me the CD or else...

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