Ahad, Januari 04, 2004

Ha ha...tak nak discuss takpe. Aku tulis kat sini. Why am I usually seemed pissed off with you...

I am not sure.

I can come out with so many reasons, each one is as unbelivable as the other. If ever I let my crap out on you again, just tell me off. If you are not comfortable with that, sound lah aku balik. Aku pun manusia, tak lari dari membuat kesilapan.

One more thing...I am sorry.

Although...I need an explaination on this. What was the deal when you said you introduced me to her...to see apa dia nak mengadu kat aku? Nak kata aku tak puas hati...memang aku tak puas hati.

Tak nak terangkan...takpe. Aku pun tak nak gaduh. Tapi, aku akan sentiasa dalam keadaan tak puas hati. Tak kesian ke kat aku? Just tell me the truth k.

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