Sabtu, Januari 10, 2004

Had a blast hanging out with Ull, Kak Im, Des, Shamam, Memel, Ili, Soraya, Zack (ehemm...tak bawak Azura nampaknya?) , Lissa and Pokcik, Lin n Arief (no wonder he looks so familiar, I met him before with Lin. Puas aku pikir!) It was always fun hanging out with the ganksters, the real ones la. Can talk and bitch and can laugh our heads off like nobody's business. We'll do this again sometime. Next week, Istana Hotel? hu hu

However, as much as I enjoyed my day today, I came back feeling somewhat empty. How's that possible? Feel the tightness in my chest, like something needs to be shouted out loud but I dunno what it is. Am I depressed? PMS coming up? Not yet...

Whatever it is, I am not feeling so good. Somebody said that if he laughs a lot, it means he's stressed. So am I. But I can easily be angered and I hate the angry me.

Thanks for wanting to help. I don't know what's up, I can just say I am feeling down. It'll pass, it always did. Biase dah ni. Aku dah reti pun tukar tayar...thanks.

But I also need to talk to him again. Of course I can, somehow it just does not feel the same. Macam Frodo lepas musnahkan the one ring, kan dia rasa macam unease...macam tu lah kot?

Talk about the one ring, thanks a lot to Ull for being so nice. ha ha...she truly is, so sape nak ngorat Ull? Kena memenuhi banyak kriteria dan salah satunya, orang Indon. ha ha. I got the one ring, the one ring that I craved for, the one ring that rule them all...the one ring that yada yadaa...Thanks again akak senior Uniten ku!

Tak sabar tunggu pic yang Lissa nak scan kan. Gambar banduan penjara yang terlampau. Tak sabar gak tunggu Ull send gambo Inul wannabes yang terlampau. Fuhh, lentik abiss penari2 buat aksi dalam...dalam apa nama kamar tuh? Can't wait for that pic too. And ye, aku lupa nak mintak Lissa scan juga pic aku dan 'monumen' yang terlampau.

Aku dan semua yang melampau...terlampau ke?

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