Khamis, Januari 29, 2004

Hu hu tunggu Faatin datang to pick me up. Suddenly yesterday evening she smsd me, ajak nonton teater Dejavu. Straight away I called her, screaming "Nak! Nak! Nak!" Ye yeyy...will write about it later tonight.

Yesterday Kechik gave an idea. Uniten students reading this, (Fai, aku tau kau akan baca) tell me if it is outrageous. Kechik came to my room to discuss SM. Btw, Kechik is in the grad dinner committe too, we share the same post. So borak2...then pc aku keluar my screensaver, pics of me with friends. Among which, ada my pic "dalam penjara" with you-know-who.
So Kechik cakap, why not ask him to be our MC?
Why not? HUrmphh...
Called him...mula2 ask how to contact Br*nt (ye, the guy from Be*t TV). So I got Br*nt's number already. Then aku tanya cemana kalau aku minta Encik Zul je jadi MC. To my surprise, he said yes. And from his way of saying it, it could be for free too.
So...logik tak dia be our MC for grad dinner?
Jangan tanya aku...aku bias nanti!

Ehemmm...kalau la dia jadi MC, sure kena partner dgn budak UNITEN kan? Hurmphh...hurmphh...menarik. :p

Masalah sekarang, nak keep our cost at minimal. Then can lower the harga tiket. Tak pun leh beli menda lain. Ha ha

ZHM jadi MC? Hurmphh...pikirkan.

Dia mmg pernah jadi pengacara, I know he can but...dunno if ppl agrees. Alaa...dulu pakai Benjy, lebey kurang what.

Korang rasa?

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