Jumaat, Januari 02, 2004

Peon, check out my photo album for gambar raya yang telah aku janjikan. It's not much, still have not uploaded my Bali pics but it'll be there as soon as possible ek.

Someone thinks I am pissed off with him. Ko memang pikir gitu kan? Well maybe I am. Maybe I am not. Don't know what to think of it, don't really wanna think about it. Tak nak overanalyze, hope I am not overreacting. This is a coward way of saying things, by writing it in a blog..I know...should have talk about it straight dengan kau. Could have too, I am sure you won't mind. Before this pun, we can talk about anything, everything (walaupun kau malas nak layan aku sangat). But I really don't know what to say. Mungkin there was something you said yang sama dengan sesuatu yang pernah aku fikir.

Sebab tu aku cakap, aku malas nak fikir banyak. Nak marah lagi lah malas. Buat apa marah kalau hanya memenatkan diri...agree?

Lontong? Nak aku masak lontong la pulak...nak datang rumah pun tak berani. Hellehh.

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