Rabu, Januari 07, 2004

Sh*t...dah lama tak rasa pressure macam ni. Right now still under control, although Anis almost goes berserk under this pressure. Try hand writing almost 70 articles out of the Federal Constitution, plus about 12 side theoratical questions. That's more than 50 pages hand-written assignment! B**##^$@##&*^%^!!! And I still have 30 odd pages to go, to be submitted on this Friday!
Aku tak faham la...apa fungsi assignment ni. To get me to read it all? All I know is aku dalan auto mode, writing all these sh*t. Tak baca pun. Revenge? Hell it's not our fault that you've to go to Muadzam la wahai Encik Ishak. Not our fault for anything but why do we have to do this...bukan kena pakai otak pun assignment ni, only need ketabahan jiwa, dan...kekuatan tangan which aku tak de!!!
Aja, buat masa ni...aku nak sugar daddy yang tulisan sama macam aku. Ha ha nak borang ke? Nak kasi sape borang? Nanti aku email.

Mak...Abah...Tak nak belajar kat UNITEN!!!!

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