Jumaat, Februari 27, 2004

Aku setuju dengan Lara that we indeed had the most interesting chat yesterday. We have even made some new year resolutions (Maal Hijrah was just a few days before yer) that shall be disclosed in time, andai kata ia perlu disclosure. Andai tidak, hanya aku dan Lara akan mengetahui. Hu hu hu awak awak, awak best la wak :p

And to Pokciknya Lissa, you've given me an interesting insights about Map of Brain which shows the heart. Ha ha...next class cakap pasal apa yer?

I think many people misunderstood things I've said lately. What they understand is not what I am trying to convey. Then when I try to rephrase my sentences, they say aku try nak cover. Am I THATTTT bad at communication?

Ahhh tak kisah aah. If they think I am so stupid to do what they think I am doing, let them be. A friend said, "Tu lah masalah kau. Kau biar je diorang nak pikir apa. Pergi aah jelaskan" Ah malas. People listen to what they want to hear, once they heard those things, benda lain diorang tak amik kira. To try to explain will leave me frustrated. Yeah, no harm done also if aku explain and they then understand. If chances are they would, I'd explain. If they are so damn stubborn with the ideas they have about me, LANTAK.

Just stop nailing me with those ideas.

I am just a girl.

And girls just wanna have fun... *wink*wink*

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