Khamis, Februari 19, 2004

Been busy lately. Hence, tak update. But just finished one midterm this morning so I can breath again, for now. Have another test on Saturday morning but I am all set to enjoy myself at L4y4r T4nch4p v8 on Friday nite. When this gal wanna party, ain't no one can stop me...muahahaha!

Kelmarin (that's...errm, Tuesday kan? lost track of time already) there was a partyyyyy at Boss's place. It was a surprised for Kak Noni...she wanted to surprise the boss, but she was the one yang surprised! ha ha Kak Noni and Farrah, it was truly fun to be in your company! Luv ya both!
Happy advanced birthday Kak Noni ku!
Hope you're having fun in Langkawi...arghh, need a break myself too! takpe...takpe...

Yeah Boss, you might not read this but I love you too. Naik gaji kalu, tambah sayang aa. Ak* Must4ph4 or Anu4r Z4!n satu, I'll be your toilet cleaner for life.

A friend is back in town too! Called him last nite out of the blue...
aku: kau kat mana?
him: seri kembangan.
aku: huh?? tipu aar!
him: serius la hantu!
aku: for how long? a day? a week?
him: for long. aku kerja in KL.

Wahahaha! Finally! Oi, you are sorely missed, do you know that? And since you wanna get married in one year's time, we'll have to berpoya2 till then la kan?
And yeah dude, you know me. Siot jek!!!

I'll be off to Kelantan this weekend. Anybody wanna pesan anything, call me. You do have my number kan?

Anda, anda...jumpa esok di T4nch4p. Jantung saya, dug dap dug dap...

Kak Yatieeeee....I miss you!!!! mwah mwah!

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