Khamis, Februari 05, 2004

Encik someone,
I know you'd be reading this. If you're wondering how mad I am today...well, still mad but I am allright. At least I can laugh out loud already. As to whether or not the smile or laughter reaches my brain...well, I can safely say it didn't. Told you, I am officially braindead.
I know you feel like I am making such a big deal over this. Maybe I am. Maybe I am overreacting. Maybe if I had known that she wants you back, I would have seen it in a different light. I would have taken all the things she said with a pinch of salt. Eh, I did. So maybe, 2 pinches then. Maybe if I had heard the things from you, not her, it would have been better.
I remembered a conversation I had with a friend once (no, not you..)
Me: So kenapa kau kasi tau aku benda ni?
Friend: Coz aku rasa kau patut tau benda ni. Dari aku. Bukan orang lain.

Is it too much to ask? Or maybe...I don't deserve to know. Not from you. Not from anyone. Not ever.
Is that it?
That's how I am to you...right?
I'll just ask you one simple question. Aku ni apa bagi kau?
No...skip that. Even I can answer that. It's very apparent...aku bukan apa2.

What do you want me to do? Forgive you? Fine, you're forgiven.
Now I owe you nothing.

And how do I sound today? Do I sound angry...come to think of it, I sound like I am...dead.

Screw you.

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