Rabu, Februari 04, 2004

I am officially braindead.

That is as much as I know.

I have no feelings, have no emotions, have no trusts. I have not even my sense of humor.

And tak...kau tak jahat. You're just you and I am just me. And I am stupid.

Being too nice is stupid. Am I too nice? I hope not...if it is stupid.

What the f**k am I writing?

Aku tau. At least yang ini...aku tau.

Bukan kau je kehilangan aku. Aku pun kehilangan diri sendiri gak. Dan aku hilang kau. And that leaves me loosing 2 important persons in my life. Myself, and you.

Minta maaf for everything. If life is so short, jangan kenang aku yang marah tu. Kenang aku yang gembira. If life is so short.

Dunno if I would regret writing this one day. That much I don't know.

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