Rabu, Februari 04, 2004

I'm back in a situation where I rethink my actions and I'd say, "Hello Cik Farina, what the HELL were you thinking?!!" or "What the f**k are you doing??! Sheshhh!" Life is all about taking risks...but I learnt in finance that for every risk you're willing to take, the return you should get should be substantial. So...by doing what ever I am doing now, what is the return?

Self satisfaction.

Hahh...itu jawapan yang tak bleh nak sangkal...coz you cannot put a price on it, it's priceless. Mak would say, "buat apa? mengabihkan boraih ajo!".

In finance, we can sort of expect what we should get. Puan Rozie said this morning that stock exchange and economy behaves like humans, because humans are the determinant of it. HUrmphh...let me think of it first.

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