Khamis, Februari 05, 2004

It's my friend's, Hanie's birthday today!! 5th of February...Happy birthday, lurve!

Told her before that I would make an entry about how life used to be for us, back in primary school. I tried writing but...I have no idea on where to start! Suddenly all these memories come back, some of laughter some of pain, some so funny some so cute...that's life. Tapi masa kecil2 the simplest of problems dah macam masalah negara. ha ha will not go into that one today.

Aku rasa most of us gals have that jinjang moments when we dress like rappers, you know...cap, baggy tshirt and jeans, rambut boycut, ermm...rayban sebagai menambah gaya, malah...pakai CD. Woww...I have my pictures to prove! And I have seen other's pics too. Ha ha...f.o.r.u.t.o.c was big then! A.C, Azam, Yanz, Adekz, Rinz, Lanz and Joe (pergh aku ingat lagi nama ye!)

Aku tatau cemana nak end this entry! Rasa nak gelak sangat2...and memang aku gelak sangat2. ( sense of humor is returning. Alhamdulillah)

Ha ha all I can say, is that 22 years ago, a girl named Mahani was born in London (where Norm4n of K R U was born exactly 10 years before they share the same birthday! Yeayy) and she a great friend of mine. Miss her lots tho'...oi, balik sini we hang up together-gether...dengan Leila too...we'll relive the memories but promise me, we never have to wear CDs again ya? ha ha

Once again, have a happy birthday babe! Take care! Mwahh!

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