Selasa, Februari 24, 2004

Muahahaha...terima kasih! It seems like I have some new readers...welcome!

Okay, updates on L4y4R T4nChap v8. Have to make this one short since I am using a friend's pc, she'll wanna use this next.

The 5 of us, that me, Ili, Min, Nurul and Dila head to Coffee Hut at around 8 on Friday. Caught in traffic jam, arrived around 2 hours later. Gile ke...malam pun nak jam! anyway, the event has not even started. Ala2 VIP pulak coz the minute we arrived, it started. Wah wah wah...he he. Met Dyla (Sheilagankster) there, sorry ye awek, kami telat!

T4nCh4p was as always, great. One day maybe if I have enuff courage I'd go and perform something but right now, I am happy enuff as a captive audience. Who was there? Hussein, Pot, Taj, Catt, Azan and Amir came later, Zain came when it's all over, the whole of VE minus Lah and Shah...Aiie, your delicious friend was also there for me to feast my eyes upon. Muahahaha...kenyang aku malam tuh! :p Of course, Encik Zul was also present. Ili, you ok already aa?

Somebody sang. Wahh...I think he was really comel time dia nyanyi. Sangat menjiwai watak yo? And the way he said hi was cute too. I better stop before I sound like a love-sick hello, you are so comel ok! :p

After the event, went back home and studied all night long for the next morning's exam. Sempat lagi nonton some telemovie on NTV, there's Encik Zul looking as cute as ever.

So how was the exam? Not worth mentioning.

After the exam, drove back home. Acik was not in, I couldn't enter. Called Abah. He wasn't at home too. My whole family decided to take a vacation! place to lepak! Called Mak Naz, luckily she's in. I needed a good sleep, the whole nite tak tidur ZZzzzZZZzzz....

Nite, Mak Naz sent me to KLIA. Merci Beaucoup! AirAsia as usual, ketelatan so flight yang sepatutnya at 9, jadi 10.30. Sampai hotel dah midnite (took a taxi from the airport, alone. terasa macam Explorace lak!).

Kelantan? Two spree!!!

Shamam, apa tu seliper cheng? Sampai kini aku keliru. Tapi yang pasti, I am officially Donatello's butik berjalan.

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