Isnin, Mac 15, 2004

Apa itu L4y4r T4nch4p?

Dun worry Kak Sue, I asked my friend the same question too when he told me to come. I can try to explain but, agak susah untuk difahami. Perhaps a visit to T4nch4p's blog can provide some answers but I doubt it. You have to be there, to experience, then you'd understand what it is, and why I am hooked. Serius best!

So apa lagi Kak Sue, korek la baju2 mengaji and join us on the 26th! If you wanna do some star-gazing, ermm..not the ones on the sky tapinya...there's usually members from those 2 groups who sang the remake of Khay4L4n, *hint*hint* :) 1nnuend0, M.0.B (hus1n from Sp4n4r J4y4 tuh selalu ada), ermm...of course, my dear friend Encik zuL huZ41My (if you consider him a star), and a couple of upcoming RNB acts. My personal favourite is a group called S0uL D1n3r0. Gempak-gempak mereka nih... (Promo member! ahakkss)

Marilah...marilah mari, pergi mengundi...tunaikan lah kewajiban pada negara... pas tuh 26th, gi t4nch4p yo!

Kalau takde baju mengaji, jgn la tak dtg pulak. Datang la gak. Meriahkan majlis.

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