Ahad, Mac 07, 2004

Dah habis midterm ATP!

Setelah semalaman study ATP kan (that's accounting theory and practice), aku terpikir. Ada betul gak positive accg. theory nih. Cube kita apply dlm kehidupan. Positive accounting theory seeks to explain and predict why accountants choose different accounting policies for different types of firm, to do empirical research on matters such as these.

So apabila aku kata aku nak apply dlm kehidupan...instead of saying, I choose to do this this this because prinsip aku begitu, I wanna try to understand why I set my principles like that. Was it my upbringing, or experiences, or just suke2 hati aku jek? Maybe that would explain myself better, not to others, but to me.

And after I can understand myself better, then only I'd understand others more. And I can try to understand how changes in me, affects others around me. Sort of like soalan ATP tadi.

Anda paham ke apa saya cube sampaikan? :p

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