Jumaat, Mac 12, 2004

Demmm...laptop aku crash. Aku rasa cam patah tulang pinggul. Ha ha...rasa cam nak pengsan. Mujur mujur takde assignment yang in progress dalam tuh. Mujur sangat-sangat okey! But still...aku makan jugak laptop tu karang!

Capek la today. But my spirits are high. Can still find reasons to smile and to laugh over the smallest matter...and I still think lawak Encik Ishak hari ni dalam PSA masih kelas satu! Ha ha...and got my marks for several subjects, can see that I am scraping thru with my studies...hmm, the results were not great but I can't complaint, that's fair enuff considering the almost nil effort I put in studying.

My car needs servicing soon. My license will expire soon. I need to find something to wear for grad dinner soon.

I need to keep my head straight. I need a break. I need some money. I need you. Soon.

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