Selasa, Mac 02, 2004

Forgive me if I am wrong here.

Proclaiming your love in the public is not wrong, right? I see people writing all sorts of stuffs in myspace, in friendster, in their blogs...about the love of their life. That's when you see people go all mushy-mushy up and sometimes you smile knowingly, sometimes you just look away, sometimes...well, sometimes you puke. Either way that's up to you, the point is that couple is having their own way of confessing their love.
A wise lady once said, that when you're happy, you really feel you want to tell the whole world. Which is true...kan? And that's what those couples are doing, telling the whole world.
But I am not gonna say anything else about that.
I am confused...
So is it wrong to let people know that you believe in them, in public? Is that not a happy thing to say?
Hmmm...some people is just not comfortable with praises. Me included.
But we're comfortable to praise our significant other, when bulan bintang, orkid, mawar, ribut petir, hujan, matahari semua keluar, and we are comfortable enough to receive those praises...or so I think. Ntah la...aku belum dapat lagi yang aku percaya. Ha ha...
Why? why?

And no, I mentioned no names and I don't think this should bring me to another public confrontation. Sheshh...

But just in case, I'd like to say I am sorry beforehand. Sorry.

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