Khamis, Mac 25, 2004

I am done with my SM assignment. Quite pleased with the solutions and recommendations that I came up with for the issues on Amazon. Dunno how Encik Baha will see it. Anyway, tu belakang kira lah kan.
Finals are coming up next week. Here's my exam schedule:
29 March- Strategic Mgmt
30 March- Specialized Tax
1 April- Accounting Theory and Prac.
6 April- International Accg.
7 April- Investment
8 April- Public Sector Accg.

One word. Adui!
Then the dinner will be on 11th April. And I still haven't got anything to wear. Double Adui. I don't have the time to go and buy it! And I have nothing in my possession that is good enough to wear for grad dinner. How ironic. I have the money to shop, Abah did say "Beli je, then give me the receipt" but I don't know when to shop. Selalu sebok nak shopping tapi takde duit. Hmm...will have to find time. Dunno how but will have to.

Aida highlighted my calendar for today and wrote "Hari ini Farina menggeletis". Ha ha...wish I can strangle her for that tapi aku cume tersengih macam kerang busuk. Memang aku terlalu happy with no apparent reasons pun. Kenape ek? *grins*

I dun care. I love this feeling. Yup, I am definitely loving it!

Kawan2, adakah anda semua akan turun ke Rasta untuk menikmati Layar Tanchap pada esok malam? Marilah. Jom jom. Owh ye, saya mendapat tahu bahawa Encik Taj pernah melayari blog saya yang tak seberapa ini. Abang Taj, if you are reading this, I have taken extra precautions not to write anything lewd anymore. ahaha...but still, this blog is of little substance. anyway welcome, have a seat. it's a pleasure knowing you.

Bro Arief ku, andai anda masih ada niat nak membelanja ku makan, selepas my finals ye? :)

Farrah, you are coming to KL again is it? Ye yeyy...when, when? Tell me the details later ya.

And now...back to work. Owh, good luck untuk Shamam dan Memel juga yang akan menghadapi ujian akhir semester. Semoga kita semua mendapat kejayaan! Aminn (study la weh, study jom!)

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