Rabu, April 28, 2004

Dah cuci gambar-gambar at the latest T4nch4p. Ada a lil bit jek...tak banyak pun. I haven't got a scanner so I can't share it with y'all. Pity. I like all the pics! Sume aku cam cun. Ahaha...perasan. :p

You guys should see the pic I took with my friend Mus. Aiyoo...tingginya dia! I realized he's tall but the pic just cam, wah sai...tingginya dia! Aku rendah lagi dari bahu dia. Ahaha...terasa cam hobbit di kala itu. Mus, if you are reading this, nak ke tak nak gambar tuh? Tak nak sudah. Haha...
Pic aku with Am3r Mun4w3r pun cun. Dia memang cun. Kulit licinnnnnnn gitu! Jeles jeles. Apatah lagi tatkala 2-3 butir jerawat menyinggahi muka ku di kala ini, semakin hati ini mencemburui kulitnya yang gebu. Apa produk ek dia pakai?
Dan mulai hari ni saya declare..don't want Abe W4ndy anymore. Shamam, he's all yours. Saya mo Abg M3g4t. :P

My CG class just now was interesting. I am soooooo glad I took that class. The lecturer actually knows what he's saying, he had the experience instead of like my finance lecturer who tought us about taking calculated risks and stuffs and yet she doesn't dare to take any. He's old, maybe around my Atuk's age already. So that made him seem, more knowledgeable. And CG is about managing relationship so on so forth, I expect him to maintain good relationship with the students too. Not surprising when I heard the murmurs of some of my classmates "Hey, he seems like a nice guy". I think so too. And I think I might enjoy CG a lot.
Nevertheless, being the old time lecturer that he is...he's seen it all, heard it all. No hanky panky. And his tests, it seems...adalah susah. But he said it'll be fun. He'll ask us to write a 2 paragraph essay, full marks of 20, and he'll deduct 1 marks for each grammatical or spelling mistake. Aiyo. CG class or English class?
So for my short sem, hopefully my final sem in uni10 too...with one class with the lecturer from hell, the other with the lecturer who keeps saying "business is form of ibadah", it should be fun.
Should be lar. But I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's SA class.
Anyone got a contact in a private hospital in Malaysia? This is crucial. I need to find one. Anyone who's able to help me, just shout aite? Thanks a lot.

Macam tak percaya...Lin and Arief are getting married. Wow. I was there when they first met. Now they are getting married. Wow. Congratulations!

So people, we are making way to Klang this weekend aite? Jom jom!

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