Khamis, April 01, 2004

Today ada exams on ATP. I think it was okay. Tak tau la score ke idak...macam tak. Ha ha ha ah malas nak pikir. Anyway, lepas exams, left with my 3 loyal partners-in-crime to Subang Parade, in hope to find the perfect baju grad. But alas, tak jumpa yang ultimate gitu. So we left Subang and went to Midvalley. Here, after several rounds and selepas sakit2 kaki, I decided that the top we saw in Subang is the nicest and reasonably priced.
So, I might just have to got again, aite?

And I left Midvalley with:
1) Rotiboy for my siblings
2) Glade's wangian kereta
3) A couple of uhhmm...pens. Can't seem to get enough of them :p

Tomorrow made plans with Faie and Nurul to go to Shah Alam, ada cadbury's warehouse sale! ha ha...aku takdelah gile coklat tapi nak tengok gak camne gaya warehouse sale coklat. Hu hu.... then we might go shopping again.

Aku baru sedar aku agak cerewet rupanya dalam memilih baju. Uhuk uhuk...

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