Khamis, April 29, 2004

Yesterday one of the most unexpected thing happened. I was walking with Anis, Aida, Faie (yeah...the usual bunch) after SA class then I saw this guy, standing by the staircase railing, smiling at me. As if he knows me. And Anis was eyeing him too, and said something like... "boleh tahan gak mamat nih" and suddenly I was running towards him, dengan dialog
"oii buat apa kat sini??!!"
Anis, Faie dan Aida tengok aku dengan muka terkejut, their eyes communicate with me, saying "ko kenal ke mamat nih?". Kenal lerr...ini kan...

Ha ha...lenkali datang uni10 jumpa bini, kasitau ar Kak Long ko nih. Jangan kasi aku lemah jantung lagi. Ha ha...but it was nice meeting you deq non. And ur bini too. :) Nice girl...take care of her tau deq non! Cik Mishika...if you ever need anyone to kick his ass, lemme knoe aite? :)

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