Sabtu, Mei 01, 2004

8.00 a.m
Gerak from home to Klang, as I said I would. Yeheyy...
I told Gerard I would call him as I reach Tol Batu 3, not realizing Tol Batu 3 is that Shah Alam toll I passed everytime nak balik kampung (to those yang tak tahu, kampung ku Shah Alam lerr), I drove passed it, singing merrily to the sound of Dollah's (bukan nama sebenar) voice. Only when I reached Tol Sg. Rasau, I realized that fact. Oh well, so what if I had to wait for him. Better than to have him wait for me, it is me afterall, who needed his help. He came, lead me straight to Lin's grandma's house, and even showed me the route back. Thank you bros!

9.00 a.m
Naem and Kurtney slept over at Lin's place. So they're already there...2nd time meeting Kurt, I made her call me 'Farina' despite her efforts to call me FG just like other Sheilaganksters do, because she kept messing my name with another girl's name. If it was any other girl aku tak kisah pun...tapi kerana awek itu...nggak mauk ah! He he...sorry Kurtney. :)
Spent the next few hours helping Lin getting ready, i.e buffed her nails (I took the left hand, Naem the other), betulkan selendang, pakaikan baju...bla bla. All the while thinking, 'my friend's getting married. My friend is getting married...wahh...'. Nikah was supposed to be at 10, due to some unforeseen circumstances, it got delayed. I was going on and on with my motto of the day, which was "Janji kahwin!" Yeahh...tak kisahlah apa pun berlaku. :p
Meanwhile, Im and Des arrived, with Lissa and Pakcik. As I sat and listen to Lin giving out directions to people while she was made up, it downed to me that if it wasn't for Gerard, I too would be calling for help. I would be stranded in the middle of Klang with no f**king idea where to head. Ha ha...lucky me.

12.10 p.m
Lin dan Arief selamat di ijab kabulkan dengan sekali lafaz je. Alhamdulillah. Ull listened to the live telecast via Emi's phone. I guess the pressure is on her, sure tension abis la awek tuh! Lek Ull, kalau kau kahwin, sape nak meronggeng dengan aku lagi? Tunggu lah weh, kahwin serentak yuk? :p
By the way, Arief...pengapit kau handsome lar. ngehehehehe (gelak ala Ili)

After that, the usual makan2, ngobrol2, Dura came, I sat with her, plans were made for 22 Mei (Dollah is coming to town, ye ye), pictures were taken, Lin and Arief tukar baju (baju nikah was cream coloured, then tukar pakai persalinan turquoise. Lin lawa. Arief handsome. Together, they made a very fetching couple, I tell you!), another round of flashes, smile, smile, smile. :)
Im and Des went off, followed by Lissa and Pakcik and Naem and Kurtney too...Shamam, Memel, Jira, Poji and Pharez arrived, muka frust je pasal sesat (sekali lagi, nasib baik aku tak sesat! Har har har). I was there till 3, then left with Shamam's clan. Dengan jayanya aku tunjuk jalan pulang...ha ha ha

To Lin dan Arief, Semoga Berbahagia, Sahabat.

So, who's next? Please don't point your fingers at me. Calon pun aku belum ada. Ekekeke...

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