Selasa, Mei 11, 2004

Abang Chik...kegembiraan hati ku yang dulu

Naem cakap gambar dia jadi. Cun pulak tuh. Tapi aku belum tengok lagi. Tapi aku dah thrill. Baru je tadi marah-marah. Terus cool. Ha ha...dia masih menjadi kegembiraan hatiku kah? Masihkah?

teringat kenangan sewaktu sekolah...haha I have to admit, I was a die-hard fan, and maybe a part of me still is that. After all, I grew up with their music...his voice, his poster in my locker, his name on my textbooks and exercise books...owh, zaman persekolahan!

Tapi sekarang dia dah poyo.

Can someone let his wife know, that no matter how many movies she gonna act in, be it 100, 1000...she just can't act. That's a fact, kan? Or aku je yang rasa begitu?

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