Ahad, Mei 23, 2004

Earlier last evening, went to Sunway Pyramid to 'jalan-jalan cari makan' with Ika and Fai. The waiter at Pizza Hut was one of the friendliest I've met, or was it because he and Fai shares the same name? hehe. Had a good conversation about guys, relationships and girls (hey, when girls meet, they do tend to discuss other girls a lot, you know. Sometimes, that's called bitching. Some other times, it's just called 'membincangkan isu semasa').

Thanks ladies for you presents...hehey, my birthday has not ended. I am still open for hadiah. Don't shy-shy. Ahakkss.

A friend said I received presents because a lot of people knows me. How come each time he says things like that, I hear it as an insult? Is it me, is it his tone, or we just lack of communication skills to transmit and receive data correctly? Haha...
Anyway, it's not the gifts that counts. It's the thoughts. And, I was partly responsible for reminding people of my previous birthday. Had the audacity to sms people, letting them know the day is coming up. Hahaha...I did!

It's something like Lissa's Pakcik said, "yg penting dpt apa aku nk, drpd dpt crap". Heh, something like that la.

And it's not the quantity of friends I have that counts. It's the quality. Hehehe...kawan-kawan aku kualiti emas punye, kira dah tahap dewa dah diorang nih. Haha!

Anyway, back to Sunway...was still dining when I saw a familiar face among the crowd walking outside of Pizza Hut. Maka aku berlari dan teruskan bernyanyi mengejar dia, tarik tangan dia, and teros pelok. Jeng jeng jeng...siapakah insan itu? Khairunnisa Syazwana!!! (Note: Untuk warga Seri Puteri budiman sahaja. Harap Maklum. Ngehehehe) Gile rindu siak kat dia! Still remember our Teratai days (Hanya warga Teratai je yang mengerti penderitaan warga Teratai. Giler, sampai sekarang aku sedih kenang balik tahun tuh. Damn bibs.) Aku dah dapat dah number Nisa. So frends, since ramai nak balik dah nih, jom buat small gath (small jek, besar2 aku malas) kat Sg. Congkak? (Fave spot aku, haha) JOMMM!!! Sila hebahkan kat rakan-rakan ye.

Malam tadi, watched 'Lorong Neraka' with Ili, Sor, Kak Im, Des and Retno. Brought Mak along too. She enjoyed it tremendously! Then went makan2 at Kampung Baru (akhirnya, aku cuci kereta, it's been almost 1 month tak cuci wooo). Then bawak Mak pusing2 KL. She cannot believe how alive KL is at that wee hours in the morning. Haha...she was like, Eh, apa tuh? Eh...diorang nak buat apa nih? Eh, look at that! Wow, ramainya! and so on, so on. Heheh...takpe lah Mak, janji happy.

Sekarang, aku nak buat assignment. Twang twang twanggg...

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