Ahad, Mei 02, 2004

I didn't write about that disturbing phone call I got a few days back. I don't want to write in detail about that call, coz who knows the caller might read this. He'll get the pleasure of knowing how much he pissed me off. For whatever reason that he's bugging me, now with sms pulak...I'd like him to stop. Or at least, have the courtesy to introduce himself properly. I really like to know from where he got my number, and my name as well. And I'd also like to ask, adakah anda rempit?
I'd like to quote Raudha, 'Nobody in this world is a stranger, it's just that we're yet to be introduced' (betul ke Cik Raudha, macam ni ke?) Fine. So introduce yourself. Be a man. Or half a man. Whatever. Like I care.
Oh yeah...and could somebody tell me apa relevannya ayat ini "Alaa...awak teka lah siapa saya. Jom kita main teka2...esok kan cuti"
So what kalau esok cuti? Apsal nak main teka2? Ya ampun!

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