Sabtu, Mei 01, 2004

Lin's getting married today. Was supposed to bunk at her place for the night but...I'm at home, unable to sleep. Perhaps the excitement is already in me...wah wah mereka mahu kahwin! Apapun early morning nanti have to be there, the akad at 9.30, planningnya. Have to gerak at 8 from PJ. Thank God Gerard volunteer diri guide aku to her place. Kalau tak sure sesat punye lah aku. Makasih Encik Gerard!
Aku belum gosok pakaian nak pakai esok lagi. It's already after 3 pagi, berapa jam nak tidur nih? Ha ha...

I was told by Osh, that he has been reading my blog for quite sometime. First reaction aku, tutup muka...malu! Then when he said, "apa nak malu?", Aku pun pikir...apa ek yang dimalukan? Nothing. Nada. Yilek. Perhaps because I was under the impression that only a handful of people reads this thing. I guess I have to accept the fact that when people search for 'L4y4r T4nch4p', this blog would be on the list. So welcome readers! A special welcome to Encik OSH! Duduk, duduk...nak kopi? nak teh? :)

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