Jumaat, Mei 21, 2004

Sesungguhnya bukan niat di hati hendak memencilkan diri dengan tidak mengupdate blog...adapun kiranya, hamba cam agak2 busy gitu. Kalau tak blog nih dah jadi blog cirit dengan updates yang melampau laju. Har har har!!

Had a tahlil last weekend untuk Arwah Uncle in Kampung Baru. It's been a year without him. I think the boys are doing fine, only the youngest, Azlan, is asking for him. Luruh jiwa aku bile dengar he says "Kak Ngah, dulu masa Abah belum mati...". Apa yang dia faham kan. He's still so young. Sob, sob...Anyway, life goes on.

Monday, busy finishing assignment SA.

Tuesday, I boogie woogied at Istana Budaya. It's 'S4turd4y N1t3 F3v3r' on a wednesday nite! haha...somebody gave me a couple of tics for my birthday present. Each is worth RM227 ok! I took Gerard along, by the end of the night he was doing the 'cucuk langit' dance. Ngehehe...very good show. And do you guys know, kalau u arrive 30 minutes before the show, the tics will only cost you RM77, for any vacant seats? Even the 227 ones, or 257 ones (harga weekend). Still got time to go catch it. Worth every single cents!

"Staying alive, staying alive, ha ha ha ha staying aliveeeeee!!!!"

Wednesday, submitted SA's assignment. Tebal macam buku teks! Tapi, appendix la tebal. heheh...biase lah tuh. Kerja nya 20 page jek.

Nothing else then. Oh ye...pengumuman!

L4y4r T4nch4p... what is it?... where?... when?...

Find out at the next one.

L4y4r T4nch4p v12
when : 28th May, 2004
where: Coffee Hut (T4nch4p C3ntr4l), Taman Tun Dr Ismail (next to R4st4)
time : 9.00pm/after isya'
dress code:
di hari raya...
terkenang daku kepada si dia...
kampungku indah nun jauh di sana...
ayah serta bondaku...

the ambience is free...but the food and drinks aren't...it's only fair, right?
be there...

So, be there.

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