Sabtu, Mei 08, 2004

So what??!

So what if aku tak tidur semalaman tadi kerana tengok m3t30r g4rd3n lagi?
So what if mak pun dah terpengaruh sama?
So what if tema cerita itu sebetulnya dah basi, rich boy poor girl?
So what if cerita itu sebetulnya lame?
So what if the FL0w3r 4 tuh actually berlakon macam kayu?
So what if the beauty of F4 rivalled the beauty of the heroins?
So what if J3rry Y4n has the flattest ass I have ever seen? (By the way, a study by yours truly and her crazy friends revealed that out of all 4, V1c Zh0u is the one whole has the roundest bot and largest thighs too, eventhough he's the skinniest. Funny what you found out sometimes, aite?)
So what if they dress like *ehem* jinjang?
So what if I say I think I have fallen for D40 M1nG S1 again?...although if in real life there's anyone like him, I'd stay away. My systems would go haywire with that kind of attitude nearby. (Jika D40 M1ng S1 jadi pacarku...uhh, mau, mau, mau, mau!!!)
So what if I am so sleepy now, but I think tonight would be another sleepless one as I plan to continue with m3t30r g4rd3n 2 pula?

So what??! So whatt??!!

Suka hati aku lah.

Ha ha ha!!!

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