Ahad, Mei 30, 2004

Staying Alive, y'all...

I boogied again today, this time with Mak. Ye ye ye! I knew I wanted so badly to watch S4turd4y Night F3v3r, but twice is like...seronok nye!

We went straight after Kak Anna's wedding (btw, she looked beautiful! best nya kawen...owh, that's a different story all together) in our best baju tradisi. No time to change, show's at 3. Felt so overdressed coz everyone was in casual wear. Lantak lah!

Show was, great. Best. Sangat.

And Mak bought me the Original Cast recording CD. Alltogether now sing with me, "Stayin' alive, stayin alive' Ah ha ha ha Stayin' Aliiiiiiive!!"

That pic above, ladies and gents, is the guy who played T0ny M4n3r0, also known as the guy who took my breath away today. He smiled, and my insides turned to jelly. Haha...nasib baik tak hilang teros keupayaan berbicara. So we talked a bit, got his autograph and...I think I am turning into a autograph-junkie psycho-maniac. Hahaha...but he was so ^*&^^&$%# cute! Not to mention sexy too!

Why does he have to go back to New Zealand tonight? *sedih*

"I wanna put on, my my my my my boogie shoes, just to boogie with you!"

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