Rabu, Mei 12, 2004

What it feels like to be 22?

Feels great. I woke up early. Soak up the sunshine. It's a good day to be alive. I was born 22 years before today...22 years? Alhamdulillah. Allah panjangkan umur aku lagi setahun.

Thanks to those who called, those who tried to call but couldn't talk to me coz the phone was engaged, thanks to those who sent in sms, thanks to those who sent me cards, postcards, thanks to those yang wish kat my tagboard, thanks to those who changed their ym and msn status to commemorate my birthday, thanks to those who gave me really nice presents this year, thanks to those yang belanja makan, thanks to those yang promise nak belanja makan...Thank you. Terima kasih. Merci beaucoup! Xie Xie!

I felt loved!!!

Eastin, 12 may 2002...ingat tak kawan2? Those were the days, pergh kenangan lalu di masa muda gitu!

There seems to be more comment on marriage and boyfriends from my wellwishers this year. Clear sign that I am getting old. All I can say is, jodoh sampai, kawen la aku. Doain aja ya teman2? Muehehehe

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