Jumaat, Jun 11, 2004

Is it just me or is it...

I am so tired with that. I can't help it. No, that's not true...maybe I can and I just refuse to. Maybe I have changed. Or is it just when I am with you? Maybe aku sangat egois. Maybe Min's true, that I am a bitch. Maybe aku dah tak larat dah nak try to work things out. Maybe it won't. Maybe it never was. Maybe we were too blind to see. Maybe I will regret. Maybe I won't. Maybe we will be happier. Maybe we'll just get angry again. So many more maybes I can think of.

Hanya satu je yang aku pasti. Aku penat. Aku tak larat. Lantak lah.

And no, I ain't gonna say sorry coz I won't mean it. I will only be saying it coz I think you'd want me to and I won't be sincere if I do it.

We have both been hurt by each other. So why hold grudges?

But then again, mampos ar.

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