Isnin, Jun 14, 2004


Woke up to a phone call from seseorang. Pekejadah tol mamat nih. Tapi seb baik coz I was already late. Terima kasih ye kerana saje2 nak telefon saya. Heh. Was supposed to meet Anis and Aida at 9 in Uni10 but I woke at..well, 9. :p. But both of them were late too, so, takpe lah kan? Ngehehe.

Received a sms with the news that totally made me smile. everything will be all right, InsyaAllah. Soooooo happy for him, rasa cam nak mel0mpat l3bih t1ngg1 gitu. It made my whole day felt so good, I wore new clothes, even put make up on my face, which I seldom do unless ada presentation ke hape ke...hahah ntah hapehape jadah ntah aku.

At Uni10 teased Anis and Aida non-stop, till they made remarks betapa berbedanya mood aku dengan beberapa kebelakangan nih. And then we went and took our SA results. Have to admit, it wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either. Most of the class got less than half (full marks is 40) so scoring just a bit more than half quite pleased me.

Kerana kegembiraan saya yang terasa meluak-luak, I felt like buying something. You know, to celebrate. So instead of getting another lipstick ke, a new top ke...I went to buy books! Yeahh...that place I told some people about in C0untry H3ights about, where you can get 2nd hand paperback books for just RM3! And I bought 13 of those!!! Only RM39 for 13 books! Best best!

Told Faatin I might be coming to her town. If I do, she lets me to bunk in at her place...ngeh ngeh. Sayanggggg Faatin! Dunno with this progress in his life, would he still want me there. Tapi apa salahnya just go, right? Enjoy the sun and the surf and hopefully some beach boys surfing ke untuk ku usha...muahahaha (hapekejadahnya. ada ke?)Hehhee...ntah la. Berjalan je kerja aku nih!

Tapi kan...sedih jugak sikit. I'll still loose him. Hahaha. Anyway, beb...of course la aku akan doakan kau! Amenda ntah...

Ngeh, nak sambung study. Peace!

Oh ye...
To S4kti4 Ar1 S3n0...
Met Ultah!

Peluk cium buat kamu! Muah muah!! (hahaha abis la aku kena tembak dgn Naem)

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