Jumaat, Julai 02, 2004

What it feels like being a sh3il4g4nk?

Smlm hang out with Sor, Ili and Ull at Kedai Kopi. Mengumpul list shopping dan tips berguna. Dan meminjam beg dari Ili juga. Moose came and join us. He seemed impressed with the fact that the 4 of us knew each other because of Sh31l4g4nk. And even more impressed when he's told there's more of us too.
At home, I continued telling him about Sh3il4g4nk via YM. How long has it been, how close are we, why S07, bla...bla...bla...He seemed genuinely interested. I invited him to join us some more, to get the feel. Lots of people never bother to ask what Sh3il4g4nk is all about. They think this is a mindless, kiddies stuffs, they think it's just about being groupies. Well, it's also about being friends. And for me, it's also about being myself. My mom pun upon meeting Sh3il4g4nk said they are good influence to me. Her exact words, "Your Sh3ilag4nk2 friends seems very real. Real people." In other words, takde cover2, maintain2. She approved. And so do I.

Saya sayang anda semua. (errr...Saya maksudkan disini the real Sh3il4g4nk dengan jiwa Sh3ilag4nk. Alien2 semua tak masok. Yang tuh, boleh blahh!!)

Sh3il4 0n 7,
It goes without saying kan that I love you guys.
Tak peduli berapakah berat badanmu nanti...kau tetap yang termuahhh di hati!!!

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