Khamis, Ogos 05, 2004

Happiness is..?

Finally paid segala mak nenek yg perlu untuk konvo. Been planning to do so since last week. Had late lunch with Min at that Famosa cafe in bangi. Quite cool, food boleh tahan la.
Called Miss Bear up, she was in Midveli with Encik Penguin, buying a new tap dancing shoes. Tap dancing sounds cool kan? Anybody terasa nak masuk kelas, jom! Anyway, invited the lovely couple to Kak Yan's wedding. Dunno if they can come.
Shortly afterwards, Encik Penguin sent a sms. Uiks...Min and I was like... "SERIOUS SHIT??!!" I didn't tell him the other day when we met, but there were a few times before dimana aku telah nampak dia dan hanya mampu melihat dari jauh dan berkata di dalam hati 'oh, indahnya ciptaan Tuhan'. Jadi pemuja rahasia gitu. (Dear Encik Penguin dan Cik Bear, andai anda membaca blog ini, maafkan saya ye. hahah). Maka kerana selama ini saya dan Min adalah pemuja rahasia Encik Penguin, receiving that sms seemed surreal. But it totally made my day! Hahhaha...

"How's the dolphin today?"--->Very well, indeed!!!

Called Dol tonight coz I was bored. I needed his advices. But I don't like calling him anymore coz his hp's reception is poor at his place. But I called anyway. He was already asleep. Still, he picked up the phone with a very sexy sounding "Hello Sayang..." which was answered by my "Nak mampos agaknya budak nih." I end up not telling him my problems. He had enough of his own. And the reception was really bad. I wish he's here. He'd probably say the same thing all over again. "Aku tahu kau, setannn..." is his favourite line. Setan? Who, me? Hahaha...he's got to be kidding! ;p mind is now a jumbled up mess, I don't know what to do.

I'm happy but I'm f*^^$%& up. Is that normal?

has everyone seem PHSM? I like that guy who played M4y4 K4r1n's hubby. Liked him since I saw him in R0ngg3ng R0k1ah. S4hr0niz4m n00r. Saw 'D3mi Z4itun' the other day, with Faatin, Aisyah, Ina and Sherry...and he played the lead. Sangat delicious. Ngeh ngeh ngeh...

I need to sleep. Maybe then I won't be so f%^%$# up.

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